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Welcome, conscientious travelers and nature lovers! We are delighted that you are here. A perfect place for adventurers looking to travel sustainably and experience the best that our beautiful planet has to offer.

Here you will find a whole source of ecolodges from all over the world. Furthermore, you can plan and enjoy your holidays with the assurance that you are contributing to environmental conservation. You will feel immersed in the nature of the country.

Find sustainable acommodations. A big list of accommodations aware of the current situation with nature. Click in the country and contact the eco-lodge accommodation.

Eco lodges located by countries

Ecolodges located in United States

The location of ecolodges in the United States encompass a wide range of unique experiences and breathtaking landscapes. From the majestic redwood forests of California to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the exotic Everglades of Florida. The travelers can enjoy eco-friendly accommodations that integrate sustainable technologies and practices, such as solar energy… read more

Ecolodges located in India

Ecolodges in India offer an unforgettable experience that combines the country’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage with the preservation of its unique biodiversity. Surrounded by jungles, mountains, and sacred rivers… these lodges promote responsible and sustainable tourism practices. For example, the use of renewable energy, recycling, and collaboration with local communities. In addition, many ecolodges in India offer activities such as yoga classes… read more.

Ecolodges located in Indonesia

Indonesia is an ecolodge paradise, with offerings ranging from luxurious villas in Bali to rustic cabins in the jungles of Sumatra. These eco-lodges focus on environmental conservation and animal welfare, offering experiences such as orangutan watching, coral reef diving… read more.

Ecolodges located in Spain

Ecolodges in Spain are characterized by their traditional architecture and fusion with the natural environment. It offers visitors an authentic and sustainable experience. From the Pyrenees to the beaches of Andalusia and the Mediterranean forests of the Iberian Peninsula, these eco-friendly accommodations promote local and sustainable gastronomy… read more.

Ecoldoges located in Brazil

In this list you will find the best ecolodges in Brazil, from those located in the Amazon jungle to those located on paradisiacal beaches. All these accommodations share a commitment to sustainability and the environment… read more.